We stay on the ground is an organisation that aims to spread awareness about the climate impact of flying and to work towards reduced aviation.

We will soon run the campaign Flightfree 2020, in which people pledge to stay on the ground next year – provided that 100 000 Swedes promise to do the same thing. This way we can take a collective responsibility to reduce our emissions and show the world, including our political leaders, that we are prepared to change our lifestyle and do what it takes to solve the climate crisis.

The Flightfree 2020 campaign will also be run in Denmark and the United Kingdom. If you would like to run this campaign in your country, please contact us.

We stay on the ground has been exposed in media lately, see under the tab "om oss" at the far left on this website.

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Please contact Maja Rosén for further information.

Telephone: +46707186858
E-mail: maja@westayontheground.org